Faith Through the Rain

Sep 12, 2014

Taking a leap of faith isn’t easy, but God’s promises remain true.

Tom and Barb Lepowski found this to be true after they made their pledge with Summit’s All In initiative in 2012. They took their pledge seriously, and were even willing to sell their house, if that is what it took for them to fulfill their commitment. Tom said he realized that Christ willingly gave up all of his glory in heaven to die poor and naked on a cross for us. This lead him to strongly believe that the blessings he and his family had received in life were not just meant to be for them. They were meant to be shared.

A year into the initiative though, the rain came down in Tom and Barb’s life and their faith was tested.

Tom lost his job, and with it, the income they were going to use to fulfil their All In commitment. At first the Lepowski’s thought they would have to sell their house, which would have been incredibly hard, especially now that they were taking care of Barb’s mother, who lived with them. He also wasn’t sure how he would provide for his family if he had to take an early retirement.

Then, when it seemed as if hope had taken flight, God’s grace cut through the rain and his faithfulness shined down.

Unlike many of his co-workers, Tom was given an August 2014 termination date, giving him enough time (and money) to be able to fulfil his pledge and provide for his family. Tom is now looking forward to his retirement and the extra time he will have to volunteer in his community. The Lepowski’s were willing to accept whatever God’s will was for them, but are now standing in awe over God’s tangible grace in their lives. Tom said that he and Barb are now joyfully watching the work that God is doing at Summit because of the cheerful and faithful giving of his servants.