Groundworks: A Holistic Approach to Discipleship

Mar 22, 2021

When Richard started discipling college students at NC State University, he helped them build a strong foundation in some aspects of their Christian faith, like reading the Bible and sharing the gospel. 

Once they started going through the Groundworks study together, he realized that a more holistic approach to discipleship was needed for them to truly grow. 

Groundworks has shown me that seeking to love and serve others, as well as use your time, talent, and treasures for the glory of God are really important to teach,” he said. 

After his group studied the portion of Groundworks that focuses on being a witness to others, one of the students felt compelled to share the gospel at work. At his training orientation, he had the opportunity to do just that with his coworkers. 

“I was able to see him understand from scripture and from Groundworks why we should be sharing the gospel,” he said.

Richard saw a direct correlation between his group’s study of Groundworks, and the growth and changes in those he was discipling. 

Rather than just focusing on one aspect of the Christian life, Groundworks uses the Bible to build others up toward maturity with a holistic approach to discipleship. 

Starting with the gospel, Groundworks guides participants through the five identities of a disciple—worshiper, family member, servant, steward, and witness. Learn more about Groundworks.