Kevin Bui

Jun 14, 2016

Kevin Bui has been attending Summit Cary for the past four and half years, is married to Heather and has one little boy. He is part of the production team as well as a Small Group Leader. Also fun fact, most people wouldn’t know Kevin is also a Wedding DJ. Here is what Kevin had to share about his time serving at Summit Cary.

“What I like most about being on the production team is that it allows me to be in the back and see the congregation worship from a different spot, not many get to see. Seeing young and old worship together is what I enjoy most about serving at Cary Campus, but also attending it. Cary Campus has such a great balance of college, young pro, and families, so much to learn from everyone you meet.

One cool story from serving at Summit was when I was serving as the secondary sound guy behind stage for the ""Our God is Unstoppable"" CD release concert, and I have never been behind or on­stage during worship before. To see from behind the stage over 1,000 people lift their hands and in worship, brought so much joy to my heart and was such an incredible experience to see.

Also, to see worship leaders who were off stage, behind a wall, waiting for the song they were going to lead, stand there worshipping when no one is looking was incredible. Just the worshipping of Christ that night was incredible to see.”