Reclaiming the Great Commission Life | Alan’s Groundworks Story

Mar 05, 2021

When Alan was asked to lead his small group through Groundworks, he wasn’t excited. The time commitment alone was daunting, and the change in routine seemed like an inconvenience.

“But almost instantly, it was worth it,” Alan said. It was worth it—for himself, for his small group members, for his small group as a whole.

As his small group participated in Groundworks, Alan found that it was “a great foundation for us to remember who we are as followers of Christ” as it explained the Great Commission life we, as Christians, are called to live.

And this call is timely for the year ahead. He said, “I don’t think 2021 is a year for us to rest and to return to normalcy, but to engage, to be strong and courageous. 2021 must be the year that we live that Great Commission life. Groundworks is the way to reclaim that.”

Starting with the gospel, Groundworks guides participants through the five identities of a disciple—worshiper, family member, servant, steward, and witness. Learn more about Groundworks.