Summit Friends and Members Help Renew Homeless Woman’s Faith

Dec 01, 2017

Everyone needs someone to believe in them, especially when life has knocked them down. For some who are experiencing crisis, the timely encouragement and support of others can lead to renewed faith in God and humanity.

Allison,* a Summit member, first became acquainted with Tori in 2014 when she hired Tori, an interior designer, to help decorate her home. They quickly found that they enjoyed each other’s company and soon became close friends. Then Tori’s life suddenly spiraled out of control, as she experienced a messy divorce, a downturn in business, and even the loss of her home. Finding herself homeless, she packed up her belongings and moved into a motel with her three small children. Learning of her predicament, Allison, as well as her extended family and friends, immediately offered to help.

With the divorce negatively affecting her credit rating, Tori discovered she would have to pay a double deposit and several other fees when she finally found affordable housing. Allison and others stepped in to help with this unexpected expense, enabling Tori and her children to secure the apartment. When moving day came, her loyal friend was the only one to help her move her furniture, but several new neighbors at the apartment complex quickly joined in to assist the two women.

Noticing their friendly, helpful attitudes and the fish tattoo on one man’s arm, Allison ventured to ask if he was a Christian. It turned out that not only were these neighbors believers; they were also members of the Summit! Having been praying for Tori to come to full faith, Allison was overjoyed to realize that God was displaying Christ’s love through perfect strangers.

After Tori started taking her children to church, she confided to Allison that she was “blown away” by both the music and the message. One day she confessed, “God is at work in my life. To others it may sound strange, but you will understand. I feel his work, his hand, and his grace in everything I’ve been doing.”

As Tori continues to attend the Summit, Allison is praying that God will continue to reveal himself to her.

“Seeds are being planted in Tori’s life,” Allison said. “I want to live my faith in front of her and pray that God will continue to bring up opportunities to share his love with her.”

*Names have been changed for privacy.

By Elizabeth Ashford