What's in a song?

May 16, 2015

It’s probably no coincidence that Mikey’s friend and longtime supporter is named John and his favorite verse is from the gospel of John. Mikey is a high school senior attending the Blue Ridge campus.

Last summer, he went to camp after hearing stories from the previous year. He had visions of outdoor games and getting to know some of the girls, but God had much more planned for him.  The first two nights he went to bed exhausted, but on the third night while listening to the worship music, “…I encountered God in a real way that I never had before and surrendered my life to Christ, knowing he must become greater, and I must become less.” With John 3:30 ringing in his head, he recounted his deeply felt experience receiving the Holy Spirit: “As the spirit washed over me, I felt really small and marveled at the beauty and greatness of God. In the next moments, he led me to understand the events that led up to this, the decisions I had made all sort of clicked and made sense. It just happened as we sang and that opened my heart.”

Previously, Mikey had knowledge of him but never committed to follow him. “I was a little lazy I guess, physically and spiritually. Since then, I have changed sports to basketball and track, where I run the 4x400 relay and 800 meters. It’s really tough but I love it because once you pass the finish line, you feel accomplished even though you want to throw up.” He relates track to the christian life, ready to pass the baton of the gospel down the line. “I am very thankful for the change God made in my life and for how great Summit does with students. I support God by speaking up in conversations that turn ugly and help others at school that can see the spirit and change in me.” Mikey hopes to grow his circle of friends in Christ at college next year and would appreciate your prayers for that to work out for him.

By Karl Frank