FreedomRDU: Serve Right from your Own Home

While correctional facility lock-down measures are in place, men and women living Inside the fence, have become even more isolated from society than usual. This provides a unique opportunity for those of you who do not currently hold Blue Cards (the prison's safety training to serve Inside a prison/jail). You can write letters, and become a Bible study reviewer with CLI Prison Alliance. 

Here's what CLI's website says: 

"Each week we receive hundreds of letters from inmates asking for more information about God. Will you help answer them?"

If you are willing to read and write feedback on Bible study lessons, please check out the link below to fill out your application today. CLI has a wonderful, 45-min, online training and you can commit to review as few or as many bible studies as you would like each month. CLI serves men’s and women’s correctional facilities all around the country. Spanish-speaking reviewers are needed as well. 

Thank you for choosing to use your quarantine to love those who are justice-involved! Details and next steps here:

Or email us at 

Photo by Kate Macate on Unsplash