Congregational Vote This Weekend

At the Summit, we are a Jesus-ruled, elder-led, and congregationally accountable church. As a congregational church, we believe that the congregation has final authority. While the congregation gives authority to the elders to lead, the elders are still accountable to Jesus for this church remaining faithful to the gospel. Ultimately, the members of the congregation are the ministers of the church, responsible for fulfilling the mission of the church, the Great Commission given to us by Jesus Christ.

To that end, the weekend of Jan. 10, members of The Summit Church will vote to approve the sale of a land parcel from our Capital Hills campus property and to affirm Willis Foster as a new member of our directional elder board. According to our church bylaws, these motions require congregational approval. 

Here’s how to vote:

Attending an in-person service? Have your cell phone ready, and your campus teams will guide you through the virtual voting process during the service.

Not attending an in-person service? Log in to your Summit Profile first, then use this link to vote.

Capital Hills Campus Land Parcel

The directional elders recommend the approval of the sale of a land parcel from the Capital Hills campus property for $1.0 million and authorize the trustees of The Summit Church to execute all actions necessary to complete the sale. 

This land parcel is an approximately six-acre, undeveloped plot located on the back portion of the Capital Hills campus. It is currently unused, and there is no projected future use. Our directional elders believe that selling this property provides us with a greater return to catalyze growth and expansion in other investments in the mission.


To whom are we selling the land parcel?

We are selling the land parcel to Red Apple Development, which will develop the property and build a charter school facility.

Should we save this land parcel for future expansion?

The location of this parcel of land is not an ideal option for expansion. We do not forecast an immediate need for more facility space at this campus at this time, and there will remain space for expansion should that arise in the future. 

What will the proceeds from the sale be used for?

The proceeds from the sale of this land parcel will be added to our cash allocation to catalyze our growth and expansion initiatives.

New Directional Elder, Willis Foster

The directional elders recommend appointing Willis Foster to join our directional elder board. 

New appointments of congregational elders to the directional elder board are presented to the congregation and, if approved, serve a term of four years. According to our church bylaws, the names of new candidates are shared with the congregation at least one month prior to joining the elder board. Any member who has cause to believe the candidate is unqualified to serve should bring this to the attention of the directional elder board before Jan. 6.

Willis Foster was born in Texas on a military base but raised in Greensboro, North Carolina, with his grandparents. Growing up, he was engaged with the Episcopal church they attended, but it wasn’t until he attended college in Durham that he became determined to know more about God. Through a Bible study in his dorm, he read about all Christ did for him through his death, burial, and resurrection. And the next night, Willis gave his life to Christ at a local church revival, and later joined a small, nondenominational church where he became a licensed minister.

In 2003, Willis and his wife, LaTonya, joined The Summit Church, where Willis has served on many teams, including as an elder since 2013. They have been married for 25 years and have three children: Zipporah, Justin, and Micah. As a family, they love to watch movies, hang out, and talk about current events. Willis is a middle school science teacher and holds a master’s degree in school administration. He also enjoys cooking, sewing, and spending time with friends and family.

Willis’ journey has been grounded in Matthew 5:6, “Blessed are those who hunger and thirst after righteousness for they shall be filled.” And he firmly believes that the Word of God addresses all the issues of life, and he purposely lives to apply it to every aspect of his life. 


We encourage you to be in prayer during this time, asking the Lord to direct us as we continually seek to follow, obey, and glorify him.