Summit Kids Camp

Summit Kids Camp is an amazing overnight experience where our completed 2nd through 4th graders are immersed in the gospel. It is the highlight of any kids summer as we play games, sing, and study God's Word together.

Session One (August 1-4):                                          Session Two (August 4-7): 

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This year's Kids Camp takes place at Camp Willow Springs in Littleton, NC in two different sessions. 

Summit Kids Camp Dates with Recommended Campuses

  • Session One: August 1-4 : Alamance County Campus, Brier Creek Campus, Chapel Hill Campus, Downtown Durham Campus, North Durham Campus
  • Session Two: August 4-7 : Apex Campus, Blue Ridge Campus, Capital Hills Campus, Garner Campus

Kid Cost: 

  • Early Kid (April 12-30) - $219
  • Regular Kid (May 1 - June 1) - $249
  • Late Kid (June 2 - July 15) - $279

Leader Cost: 

  • Early Leader (April 12-30) - $100
  • Regular Leader (May 1 - June 1) - $125

For more information, check out these Frequently Asked Questions or or skip directly to our COVID protocols at the bottom of the page.

Q: What ages can attend camp?

A: Completed 2nd-4th grade. 

Q: Where is camp?

A: Camp Willow Springs (102 Camp Willow Springs Drive Littleton, NC 27850) hosts Summit Kids Camp. 

Q: Are the two camp sessions different?

A: The programming is identical, and each kid may only attend one session.

Q: Which session should I attend?

A: Week 1: August 1-4 is suggested for the Alamance County Campus, Brier Creek Campus, Chapel Hill Campus, Downtown Durham Campus, and the North Durham Campus. 

Week 2: August 4-7 is suggested for the Apex Campus, Blue Ridge Campus, Garner Campus, and Capital Hills Campus

Q: Do I have to go to my suggested session?

A: No, but small group leaders from your campus are going to be guided to their suggested week. So we hope leaders and kids will already know each other before getting to camp!

Q: What if I don’t go to the Summit?

A: We’d love for you to check with the friend that invited you and attend the same time they are attending. 

Q: What are the drop-off and pick-up times?

A: Due to safety precautions, parents will take their kids directly to Littleton, NC.

Session 1: Drop-off is at 5pm, Sunday, August 1. Pick-up is at 10:30am, Wednesday, August 4. 

Session 2: Drop-off is at 5pm Wednesday, August 4. Pick-up is at 10:30am, Saturday, August 7. 

Q: Will my kid be with all his/her friends?

A: Since we prioritize grade-level and campus in small group assignments (8 kids per small group), we cannot guarantee groups of friends will room together. But we will do our best! 

Q: What safety precautions will be taken due to COVID-19? 

A: Here are a few of the measures we will be taking at camp in 2021: 

  • Kids will experience camp with their cabin. This will serve as their small group for the week, their lunch buddies, their rec team for the week, etc to limit exposure. 
  • Social distancing and masks that cover the nose and mouth are required for all indoor activities (morning/evening worship, breakout sessions, indoor games). 
  • Masks can be removed outside where physical distancing is possible. Masks can also be removed in your cabin with your small group. 
  • Meal times will ensure physical distancing in the cafeteria. Sanitation of the cafeteria will be conducted between meals. 
  • All outdoor recreation equipment will be sanitized according to Camp Willow Springs guidelines. 
  • If someone begins to show symptoms of COVID-19 (headache, fever, sore throat, cough, runny nose), the following protocols will be initiated under the supervision of the Camp Nurses: 
    • The parents/guardians of the symptomatic person will be notified immediately for pickup. 
    • The symptomatic individual will be isolated from the rest of the group, under the supervision of the Camp Nurses.