Need a job in RDU? Maybe even around the world?

Hey Summit College Students! Jordan here, I want to make you all aware of some of the Summit members and partners that reach out to our ministry throughout the year asking if they can be a resource, connection/network for a certain career field, or even employ some college students. Below is a list of people who want to get connected to college students. I encourage you to reach out if what they are offering is of any interest to you. If you do get in contact or apply for any jobs, keep me, Jordan Kohman ( in the loop. I want to help support and hear feedback from these opportunities.

Local Partners:

Labor Panes Cary Job Opening (Hiring Now, Summer 2021)Screen_Shot_2021-04-30_at_10.12.45_AM.png

Zach Oyler is a former Summit college ministry staff member who started his own exterior cleaning business a few years ago. He is looking for 2 people to work full-time hours for him this summer as crew members on his team. 

As a crew member, your job description would be to provide excellent service to our customers alongside 2-3 team members. Responsibilities include cleaning windows, pressure washing, gutter cleaning, and gutter guard installation, all while maintaining safety and efficiency.

If you like working outdoors and like working on a team, you'd love this job! 

He is looking to hire ASAP so if you're interested, please text him at 717-377-0077 or email him at

Simple Charity (Summer Internships 2022)Screen_Shot_2021-04-30_at_10.16.18_AM.png

Brian Grasso is the CEO of Simple Charity and a former Summit College alumni. Simple Charity is a registered 501c3 nonprofit that exists to help Christians practice solidarity with the global poor. We are passionate about worshipping the one true God as we promote human flourishing around the world. This full-time summer internship experience will give you a taste of what it’s like to work in a professional nonprofit setting. You’ll also participate in an intentional community that seeks to grow together spiritually. Here’s a three-minute video on the experience from last year’s interns.

DKL Housing Solutions - Lead Generator (Job Openings Year-Round)Screen_Shot_2021-04-30_at_10.26.39_AM.png

Who we are...DKL Housing Solutions provides solutions to housing problems. Many people in a 50-mile radius of Raleigh may need help with determining what to do with their property. Our job is to ask people if they would like to receive an offer on their property. We then work with Sellers to see if we can make an offer that would be beneficial to both DKL Housing Solutions and the Seller. Michael Gifford attends The Summit Church and is a lead consultant at DKL Housing Solutions.

What you do...It is a numbers game... The more properties that we find, the greater the chance that we find someone motivated to sell us their property. As a Lead Generator, you will receive an area code, neighborhood or set of streets to drive to. When you find a home that fits this criteria, then you will input the following information into our webform:

  1. Seller Address (The address of the property that you would like to submit)
  2. Seller Name (Rarely available unless you meet the person)
  3. Seller Phone (Rarely available unless it is a FSBO)
  4. Your name
  5. Your phone number
  6. Two pictures of the property

Benefits...If we close on a home that you submit, you will receive $1000. We do have the option for an hourly rate, but we will need to discuss that on an individual level.

Contact Michael Gifford, if you are interested.

International Partners:

Dubai Business Internships (Winter & Summer)

We are looking for humble, hardworking college students and recent grads who desire an internship in Dubai for 1-3 months. You will intern for a food services company and learn a specific role as you also engage in marketplace missions.


  1. Provide industry relatable experience – a legitimate internship that should qualify for class credit
  2. Equip you and help you engage in marketplace missions in a multi-ethnic workplace
  3. Engage in the ministries of a local church during your stay

Majors and Areas of Interest that can participate:

• Marketing • Graphic design • Communications • General Business • HR focused degree • Project Management

• Finance • Accounting • Operations • Sales • International Business • Event Management/Catering • Culinary

• Data science/analytics • Interior Design • Architecture • English • Sustainability Management • Nutrition

• IT – software, computer science • Videography • Audiology • Audio Technician

Contact Jordan Kohman, if you are interested.

Open USA - Business for Transformation

If you are exploring how you can join the global B4T movement, an Internship may be right for you!

Internships are usually 6-12 weeks in length. They are designed to expose you to B4T while giving you an opportunity to use the skills you are learning at university and in the marketplace.

Check out the job listings on our website, and apply for your top three choices! Internships may be Virtual or On-site, but they are all hands-on, allowing you to make a difference now.

If you have questions or comments about specific Internships or the program in general, please email

Career Mentors:

Below is a list of Summit members who have expressed interest or who have been mentors in the past. If you would like to get connected to them, please email and we will introduce you via email.

  • Matt Meinel - Co-chair of the Law Student Outreach Committee at UNC
  • Kyle Sutton - Solar Winds - Director of Marketing
  • Melissa Bauserman - MD, Neonatologist at UNC School of Medicine
  • Ashley Lewis - Physician (cardiologist) at North Carolina Heart and Vascular
  • Thom Dixon - Former President and Owner of Architecture firm and Applebee's
  • Todd Gronewald - Financial Consultant at Ameriprise Financial
  • Carole Inman - VP of Sales at Archer Daniels Midland
  • Sonny Werghis - Senior Consulting Architect at Levvel, Inc
  • Marquita Miller - Financial Planner at State Employees Credit Union
  • Jamie St. John - Physical Therapist and Program Coordinator at Durham VA Medical Center
  • Meg Zomorodi - Nurse (Faculty) at UNC
  • Steve OBrien - President, Talent Acquisition
  • Wesley Wong - Cover Cisco's cybersecurity portfolio to NY/NJ customers