Boiler Room Prayer

Prayer Comes First. And Second. And Third.

The Boiler Room

At the Summit, we believe prayer is an essential part of our lives as individuals and as a church. Prayer is the place where we experience and express intimacy with God. It is also the place from which we derive power for life and ministry.

Charles Spurgeon, a 19th-century, English preacher, referred to the prayer gatherings of his church as the “boiler room.” In Spurgeon’s time, boiler rooms were the powerhouses, the driving forces of everything. He believed that prayer was the spiritual power behind the effectiveness of his ministry.

At every Summit campus, there is an opportunity for you to gather and pray for God’s blessing on the worship gatherings and other requests. As part of the Boiler Room team, you can participate during any service time and as frequently as you like.

Join your campus prayer team: