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We Send Every Member | The Ashby’s Story

Emily and Reid never thought a global pandemic would be their ticket to serving with a church plant overseas. But when the world turned upside down this spring, and Emily began working remotely, God was bringing something beautiful out of something tragic. In March, Emily, an accountant in Research Triangle Park, was allowed to work remotely as a direct result of the COVID-19 pandemic, something that didn’t seem possible before social distancing procedures became necessary. A few months later, Emily and Reid started praying about a risky possibility. Rather than working remotely from their home in the Triangle, they wanted...

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Summit Family’s Prayer for Funds Answered Through Small Group

The student missions trip to NYC was announced with no real meaning for Trisha. She didn’t think her middle son, Dylan, would be interested in going. (He’s not big on flying or talking to strangers.) But a few days later she was shocked when Dylan expressed interest in going, so they signed him up. They started praying for the funds to come in, for courage for Dylan, and for lives to be changed. Support letters were soon sent out, and the money began trickling in. But the due date for payment arrived—too soon. And they were too short on money. Pastor...

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Summit Kids Impacted Our Decision to Decline Out-of-state Job Offer

Last fall, we were approached by my college roommate with an offer that would uproot our family and require us to move to the western part of Virginia and a small town called Waynesboro. Jay and I have known each other for 15 years and have grown really close. We would talk monthly about business, parenting, and life. We clicked well and always have. I have been working at the Chick-fil-A on Roxboro Road for seven and a half years, and Jay has been with me through this whole journey. When he offered us the job in Virginia, my wife...

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What's in a song?

It’s probably no coincidence that Mikey’s friend and longtime supporter is named John and his favorite verse is from the gospel of John. Mikey is a high school senior attending the Blue Ridge campus. Last summer, he went to camp after hearing stories from the previous year. He had visions of outdoor games and getting to know some of the girls, but God had much more planned for him.  The first two nights he went to bed exhausted, but on the third night while listening to the worship music, “…I encountered God in a real way that I never had...

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