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The Journey of Trusting the Lord: La'Treall's Story

For La’Treall, First isn’t just a season at The Summit Church: It’s a journey she’s been on her entire life. After living in the Raleigh area off-and-on for 27 years, she began to realize that, while her life was full, she still struggled with giving. “In the Book of Malachi, where the Lord challenges his believers to test him and prove whether or not he’s faithful, he’s not just saying he’s faithful,” she said, “he’s asking you to try him out and see, see if he’s faithful.” La’Treall wondered if she was truly doing this. “While early on, I had intellectual assent...

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Jesus is Worth It: The Allison Family

{[ vimeo id:'296461730' ]} For the past 15 years, Matt and Catherine talked about going overseas. They both had a passion for missions, but weren’t sure where, or when, God wanted to use them. He needed to work on their hearts first. “It’s a lot easier to talk about having open hands than actually having open hands,” Matt said. “God has been so faithful and gracious to us, showing us who he is and preparing us for what he actually told us a long time ago, but didn’t allow us to actually start stepping into until now.” This fall, they plan to sell...

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What is First in Your Life? The Lenker Family

{[ vimeo id:'289334693' ]} Growing up in the church, April was very accustomed to being involved—attending on Sundays and Wednesdays, even serving. But when she came to The Summit Church, her understanding of the “why” behind it changed. “When I came to Summit and understood the gospel more, I became much more aware of the radical nature of sacrifice,” she said. “Just understanding the sacrifice that Jesus made for us on the cross and how that plays into day-to-day life, particularly with giving.” During a recent meeting, her husband, Jonathan, the campus pastor at Brier Creek, remembers Pastor J.D. challenging the staff. “He...

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Why Married Couples Should Have Joint Bank Accounts

At my former church, I had the opportunity to spend time with those in our premarital class and discuss the issue of money. One of the very first pieces of advice I gave was to, once married, get joint bank accounts and avoid bank accounts to which your spouse will not be able to access. Why? Because you do not get choose what part of your spouse you want to marry or what part you want to give to your spouse. It’s an all-in deal—You get all of them, and they get all of you. Including your bank account. Having joint bank...

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Make the Change! Summit's New Online Giving Website

Pastor J.D. is calling The Summit Church to put God FIRST in their lives. We know that the world competes for our hearts. Very specifically, one of the places that the world wins our hearts in through our wallets. God's Word tells us "where your treasure is, there your heart will be also" (Matthew 6:21). On the Stewardship & Generosity Team, we are aware that how we use our money each day directs our hearts to love something. Amazon and many other retailers have made it easy to follow our impulses that can gratify our desires with one click of a...

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Breaking the Chains to Find Life-Changing Generosity

Michael and Amanda felt content in their former lifestyle, “keeping up with the Joneses” to maintain the status quo. The couple prospered financially as Michael pursued a successful career. But increased success for Michael meant increasingly less time with his family, including a young son Charlie, and with God. When a job opportunity brought their family to Raleigh, Amanda’s dad, who had read Pastor J.D.’s book Gospel, suggested they visit The Summit Church. It was there Michael and Amanda truly heard the gospel for the first time. Michael and Amanda soon made the commitment to become members of the Summit, and...

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One Small Group's Generosity on Display

At the Summit, we talk about giving God the first and best of our time, talent and treasure. Because of God’s great abundance of blessing to us, we are able to bless others. We’re used to that part. But what about when you’re on the receiving end of that generosity? Judith, a member of the Apex campus, has seen that flip side as her small group rallied around her as she was caring for her ailing mother. Judith wanted to honor her mother with the best care possible. “She was a wonderful, wonderful mama and a godly woman,” Judith said. “It was the hardest privilege...

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4 Ways to Increase Your Margin for Generosity

This article was originally published at "I want to be more generous, but I just can’t. There is no room in my finances.” At some point, many of us have had this thought. In our hearts, we long to be generous toward others. We desire to use our money to make a difference in the lives of those in our community and around the world. We want to be a conduit of generosity, giving because God has given to us. But we feel stuck, unable to move forward in our generosity. We find ourselves envying those who seem able to give without...

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Are Couples Really Divorcing Over Money?

This article was originally published at You’ve read the statistics—money appears to be crushing our marriages. 70 percent of couples argue about money. 57 percent of divorced couples point to arguments about money as the reasons for their divorce. Fights over money are one of the leading predictors of future divorce. It’s easy for you and me to read statistics like these and assume that money and marriage simply don’t mix. But is that right? Is it really money, on its own, that is breaking apart our marriages? Or is there something else, something below the surface? There are over 2,000 Bible...

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6 Signs Your Spouse is Guilty of Financial Infidelity

Financial infidelity—lying about financial matters to your spouse. It is not as rare as we would all like to hope. According to recent reports, 20% of respondents admitted they had made purchases of $500 or more without their spouse knowing. Six percent confessed to having secret accounts. God designed marriage as an all-in deal. Husband and wife are to pursue oneness in all areas of their marriage. Including their finances. Financial infidelity creates division where unification is to be the standard. It is dangerous to a couple’s financial health, but way more importantly, financial infidelity is destructive to the marriage. No one wants to...

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